Create a product from Dashboard

Navigate to dashboard. Click on Products from the left menu and then Add New Products button from the top right corner. It will open a new window where you will be able to create a new product very easily with providing the most important details only.

Product Intro Page

Basic Details

The common information about a product are the title, price, description. Discount price is optional. You can even schedule discounts for a certain amount of time. You can enter a starting date and end date to apply automatic discounts to your product.

Add Product Info

Both the categories and tags have to be created by the Us. The vendor can only select them from the dashboard. Because allowing the vendors to create categories and tags might result into duplicates. In case of any specific query or request for category addition, please contact us here.

By default, category selection is singular. That is why there is a dropdown field to select a category. This should be the standard setting. Because according to Google Webmaster Guidelines and other SEO and UX best practices, it is recommended to have only one category assigned to a product. If you need to show your products based on multiple factors or for searching or sorting feature, you can use tags.

As there can be thousands of tags in a site, we have placed a searching feature on the tags field. Let’s say you need to add a tag named “wood”. So if you type 3 or more characters, the tag will appear below just like Google search. So only typing “woo” will bring “Wood” you can hit the down arrow  ↓ on the keyboard or click on the result to add that in the field.

After You have provided all the required information, Click on the Create product button. It will create the product and redirect you to the product edit page, where you will be able to add more information about your product. If you want to create the product and add another one immediately, click on the Create & add new button.

After you have been redirected to the product edit page, there is a option to select product type. You can select either Simple or Variable product.

Product Edit Page

Please note that all images should be 512 X 512 size and should have white background. 

Product Image

Selecting Product Type- Simple Product

What is Simple Product?

These types of products are simple and have no variants. They are single and standalone products, which does not require any other information to define different variants.

Selecting Product Type- Variable Product

What is Variable Product?

A variable product is a product that has different types of variants. For example, you might want to sell a pottery which is available in 3 different colors and sizes. So this option will enable you to add those colors and sizes you need. You can add variations based on anything you like, perhaps material used or the stitching style.

Inventory and variants

This section holds a bit complicated information. None of these fields are mandatory. If you do not need to add stock quantity and your is just a simple product, then you can totally skip this section.

What is SKU?

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It should be an unique set of characters which will not match to any other product. For convenience this will be created by HastakalaKart automatically.

Enable Product Stock Management

Let’s say you have 10 pieces of the product and you don’t want to receive after orders are placed for 10 units. If you enable stock management and enter 10 in the quantity field, then after 10 units are ordered, this product will show a message that all the quantities are sold and there is no stock.

Once you finish editing product, the submission will be pushed to our back-end team for review and approval. We take maximum 2 hours for review and approval.

Product Pending Review


Once approved, your will be notified via email or you can check your dashboard. The approved product should look like below picture.

Product Approved


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